Literary Wisdom

Literary Wisdom: To Kill a Mockingbird, Part One

To Kill a Mockingbird is the Uncle Tom's Cabin of the twentieth century. In our national consciousness it stands for equality, for freedom, for peace and innocence just as boldly as Harriet Beecher Stowe's novel. Yet To Kill a Mockingbird still retains an identity of its own, apart from Uncle Tom. It is written with nostalgic in… Continue reading Literary Wisdom: To Kill a Mockingbird, Part One

Literary Wisdom

Literary Wisdom: Hamlet, Act Five

Hail to thee, thou lords and ladies— Act Five of Shakespeare's Hamlet is my favorite portion of the play. The Prince's transformation into a tremendously faithful and God-fearing man is indescribably and beautifully profound—after all, it's the prime reason I enjoy talking about this play so much:) Thus believing it my mission to pay proper homage for Defy… Continue reading Literary Wisdom: Hamlet, Act Five

Guest Posts

Guest Post! “A Delightful Holiday” by Julia

Hello, everyone-- I'm bubbling over with excitement right now...Defy Augury now has its very first guest post! It's just in time for October's most well-known holiday and written by none other than my good friend Julia. I now proudly present "A Delightful Holiday: A Screwtape Letter." Enjoy! Hi, my name is Julia. Sarah and I are best… Continue reading Guest Post! “A Delightful Holiday” by Julia