Literary Wisdom: Hamlet, Act Five

Hail to thee, thou lords and ladies— Act Five of Shakespeare's Hamlet is my favorite portion of the play. The Prince's transformation into a tremendously faithful and God-fearing man is indescribably and beautifully profound—after all, it's the prime reason I enjoy talking about this play so much:) Thus believing it my mission to pay proper homage for Defy… Continue reading Literary Wisdom: Hamlet, Act Five

Guest Posts

Guest Post! “A Delightful Holiday” by Julia

Hello, everyone-- I'm bubbling over with excitement right now...Defy Augury now has its very first guest post! It's just in time for October's most well-known holiday and written by none other than my good friend Julia. I now proudly present "A Delightful Holiday: A Screwtape Letter." Enjoy! Hi, my name is Julia. Sarah and I are best… Continue reading Guest Post! “A Delightful Holiday” by Julia