Media and Mistletoe: Books, Bible Plans, Music, and Movies for Christmas

As the snow or rain falls softly on the dewy ground and Christmas draws nearer, there's nothing like a little bit of audible and readable art to bolster the advent message. Just as monumental as Christmas is the absence of Christ's incarnation before the manger—or for that matter, the absence of any direct sign from God in those 400 years between the Old Testament and the New.


Through His Eyes: A Teen Sister’s Point of View on Autism

Hi everyone! Today's post will be a bit different from usual. It's an article I submitted months ago to a popular autism awareness organization, only never accepted. I do believe, however, its message must be shared, so the passion and morals of this story outweighs my typical adherence to theology, literature, and poetry. Let it sink… Continue reading Through His Eyes: A Teen Sister’s Point of View on Autism

Literary Wisdom · Poetry

Literary Wisdom: “Inferno” by Dante Alighieri

As the year began to close, I ventured into the world of epic poetry—and what a beautiful thing it has been! With many thanks to Homer's Odyssey and Milton's Paradise Lost, I finally learned what it was like to sail through the mythological, monster-ridden Mediterranean Sea and to fly on the wings of angels, whirling through space and… Continue reading Literary Wisdom: “Inferno” by Dante Alighieri

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Escaping the Snare of Christian Intellectualism

"I have found that nothing is more dangerous to one’s own faith than the work of an apologist." ~C.S. Lewis, "Christian Apologetics" When I first read this statement, I thought C.S. Lewis as almost completely oblivious to the role of reason in the Christian faith. I love the methodology of a good logical argument, the… Continue reading Escaping the Snare of Christian Intellectualism

Christianity · Theology

The Myth of the “Efficient” Christian Life

One of the biggest temptations for modern-day American Christians is to make their practices of Christianity more "efficient." As a twenty-first century Christ-follower, I can provide personal evidence for this hypothesis. It's hard enough to pick up the Bible, harder still to start reading it, and much harder still to read it for a significant… Continue reading The Myth of the “Efficient” Christian Life