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Three Favorite Masterpieces of Christian Nonfiction

If I am not reading classic fiction, chances are I am reading Christian nonfiction. I gobble up apologetics, theology, and any other genre that offers worthwhile insight into the greatest Book. But the best Christian nonfiction, let me add, does not lie in the self-help section of your local Barnes & Noble. If you want… Continue reading Three Favorite Masterpieces of Christian Nonfiction

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Solomon’s Prayer, Part Three

This is a continuation of the "Solomon's Prayer" series, the last post of which you can find here. I will be discussing Second Chronicles 6:34-39 today; all quotations from the passage are taken from the New American Standard Bible (NASB). Thank you for reading! Summary of Passage Verses 34-39 of Second Chronicles 6 embody the last portion of… Continue reading Solomon’s Prayer, Part Three