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Three Favorite Masterpieces of Christian Nonfiction

If I am not reading classic fiction, chances are I am reading Christian nonfiction. I gobble up apologetics, theology, and any other genre that offers worthwhile insight into the greatest Book. But the best Christian nonfiction, let me add, does not lie in the self-help section of your local Barnes & Noble. If you want… Continue reading Three Favorite Masterpieces of Christian Nonfiction


Celebration: A Christmas Collection

Hello, everyone— To me, Christmas brings memories of childlike excitement; warm, golden pancakes stacked on my breakfast plate; family merrily chatting around the glittering tree. Yet throughout each celebration of Christ's incarnation, nothing has weaved its way so entirely well as music. Michael W. Smith's "Christmastime" album and Amy Grant's "Tennessee Christmas" literally embodies the… Continue reading Celebration: A Christmas Collection