Five Favorite Podcasts

If there’s anything I enjoy besides talking about everything I love, it’s hearing others share in what and whom I love best. Podcasts, I believe, do that in perhaps the best manner possible in our modern age, spreading counsel, knowledge, and beauty to everyone who has ears to hear—for free! As such, when I’m not reading, I’m usually listening in. Exploring and delighting in what others have to say about the Christian walk (theology and church history, usually) or my various intellectual pursuits (like classic literature and literary history) is always a worthwhile and satisfying experience, and it is with that belief I share my favorite audible entertainment and education with you.

Note: These are not in order.

  1. “Five Minutes in Church History” by Dr. Stephen Nichols | Stephen Nichols is the president of Reformation Bible College, founded by the late Dr. R.C. Sproul. Nichols does an excellent job of summarizing monumental historical events into five minutes, and every time I listen, I am convinced he knows far more about church history than what he states in the podcast. He’s certainly one of the Christians I admire most. Favorite Episodes: “Shakespeare’s Bible”, “The Goose and the Swan”
  2. “Age of Minority” by Jaquelle and Pastor Sean Crowe | Fellow teenagers, this one goes out to you! “Age of Minority” is a podcast for all you 13-19 year-olds—as well as anyone older or younger who’d like to listen in—and it’s hosted by none other than the author of one of my all-time favorite books, This Changes Everything: How the Gospel Transforms the Teen Years by Jaquelle Crowe. I love the close bond between her and her father, their shared enthusiasm for Scripture, and the way they are able to communicate deep issues in simple language. I strongly encourage other teenagers to go subscribe to this podcast.
  3. “The Eric Metaxas Show” by Eric Metaxas | This is one of the only talk shows worth paying attention to. Metaxas literally discusses everything—from nanoengineering to Renaissance art, from CCM to UFOs—and all from a solidly Christian worldview. Even when he’s talking with an unbeliever, he’s extremely respectful and apologetic, setting a marvelous example of how we should communicate with those who disagree with the Christian faith. Favorite Episodes: “Sara Groves”“Karen and Charlotte Pence”“Simon Trinder”
  4. “Bibliofiles” by CenterForLit | After meeting one of the hosts at a recent  convention, I downloaded a few episodes of this podcast and listened to the one on literary Romanticism. Now I’m firmly convinced that this family is the most wonderful group of literature nerds I’ve ever heard:) Their passion for good books bubbles over into their conversation, and though they have a knack for humor, they’re excellent at sticking to the point. Out of all the literary podcasts I listen to, “Bibliofiles” is my favorite. (And that thing they say about Romanticism being a disease is absolutely true, by the way—I say that from personal experience. But I digress.)
  5. “More Than a Song” by Michelle Nezat | Though I’m a big fan of the “old” artists (think CeCe Winans, Amy Grant, Michael W. Smith, and Rich Mullins), my appreciation for modern CCM has burnt out for a while. Nevertheless, the way Michelle Nezat dissects these mainstream Christian songs, urges personal quiet time with God, and shares her love for the Father is hard not to like. Try it out!

You may not enjoy listening to book nerds talk about historical periods in literature or tuning in to a preacher’s weekday sermons, but I know beyond a doubt that you will enjoy finding entertainment that celebrates the good and the beautiful. As such things dwindle so greatly in the twenty-first century, I hope more than ever that this list can be a start for your own search and that it will inspire you to seek out others’ commentary on the things you value most. Just remember—don’t go against your God-given conscience in the process.


~Sarah Merly

June 6, 2018

Isaiah 53