June 2018: A Preview


This month gives me reason to act like a melancholy Dane…I only read three books!!! Oh well, at least Poirot was in one of them:)

  • Death on the Nile by Agatha Christie (Fiction, Mystery)
  • 101 Great American Poems (Poetry)
  • Northanger Abbey by Jane Austen (Classic Fiction, Romance/Parody)

Plans for Defy Augury:

Here’s the rough sketch of what you will see on Defy Augury in June:

  • The Davidic Prayer | One of my biggest goals in my walk with God is to be a true prayer warrior, and I believe there’s no better way to start on that path (besides actually praying) is studying Biblical prayers. I’ve previously shared a prayer study from King Solomon in January and have even discussed King Henry’s prayer in March, so I thought now would be the perfect time to back-track to King David.
  • Literary Wisdom: The Deerslayer | I had so much fun with this book! I’d studied one scene from it before, but now that I’ve read a few chapters (and plan to finish it quite soon!), I’ve better gotten to know Natty, who, although I disagree with his theory of “gifts,” is simply one of the greatest and lovable characters in fiction. I’m coming for you, Last of the Mohicans!
  • Ten Favorite Podcasts | One of my favorite things to do is listen in to someone talk about things I love, whether that would be theology, Shakespeare, literary history, church history…or all of the above! This collection post will summarize the ten I enjoy best.
  • Biblical vs. Oriental Justice | I originally said I’d write this a few months back, but it was hard for me to come up with a definite standpoint on this issue (thanks a lot, Christie and Branagh!). Now that that’s settled, I think I’ll be able to write it for you all in June.

Articles Recommended:

  1. “The Unholy Pursuit of God in Moby Dick” by R.C. Sproul | I was so excited to see that one of our greatest modern theologians (who actually passed away quite recently) wrote an article on a book that has long been on my booklist—Moby Dick. If you need any convincing to harpoon this epic albino, read Sproul’s words.
  2. “Poem — Wildflowers” by Hannah | “Wildflowers” absolutely captivated my heart. Something about it related to me so well and so beautifully.
  3. “God Doesn’t Need Your Bestseller” by Katherine Forster | As an aspiring author/English major/whoever-God-wants-me-to-be, I dearly loved this article by my friend Katherine Forster. My favorite quote: We can’t see the big picture. Only God can. And just maybe, the big picture is overwhelmingly of individuals being faithful in everyday life; living out the gospel; witnessing to people around them; making disciples, one by slow, faltering one. Only he sees the millions of points of light exploding like galaxies as he uses the faithfulness of thousands of followers to carry out purposes bigger than anything we can imagine.
  4. “Is It Christian To Take the Blame?” by Kaylan Mah | For the longest time, I have deliberated over the question Kaylan poses in this article. Her trademark style and insight into the surprising simplicity of the matter is beautiful.
  5. “Should Christians Read Fiction?” by Grace | If you haven’t guessed already from my many “Literary Wisdom” posts, I’ll state my answer…YES, we most certainly should! Grace sums her opinion better, though: Ultimately, fiction and nonfiction must work together. Nonfiction expresses the truth, and fiction illustrates the truth.

Music I Enjoyed (a new feature!):

  1. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit by Patrick Doyle | This has to be the most unconventional Doyle album I’ve ever listened to…but it still delighted me, especially since the electronic sounds are well-balanced with those of the orchestra and piano. My favorites are probably “Faith of Our Fathers”, “Cheverin Meets Ryan”, “The Activation”, and “Ryan, Mr. President”.
  2. Cinderella by Patrick Doyle | A birthday gift not meant for me to see till it was actually my birthday:) This album just spills over with waltzes, femininity, and…dare I say…magic?? Bibbidi-bobbidi-boo:) My “Most Enjoyed” list (nonlyrical, because I loved all the songs with words) for this album includes “The Stag”, “Courage and Kindness”,  “Pumpkin Pursuit”, “Searching the Kingdom”, and “La Valse de L’Amour”.
  3. Looking Upwards by Kristen Thomsen | Kristen was a new musical artist for me, but her renditions of classic hymns on the harp is perfect for relaxation and peace. I enjoy all of it, really!


Have a good summer!


~Sarah Merly

June 2, 2018

Isaiah 53