May 2018: A Preview

Hello, everyone—

I’m so glad to be writing another preview and being less formal than I typically am in my style. It’s a time to rave, to share, and to love…especially books, plans, and other articles!


I’ve read six books this past month, my favorites being This Changes EverythingTactics, and The Mysterious Affair at Styles.

  1. The Fight to Survive: A Young Girl, Diabetes, and the Discovery of Insulin by Caroline Cox (Nonfiction, Biography/History)
  2. This Changes Everything: How the Gospel Transforms the Teen Years by Jaquelle Crowe (Nonfiction, Christian Living)
  3. The Mysterious Affair at Styles by Agatha Christie (Fiction, Mystery)
  4. Kept for the Master’s Use by Frances Ridley Havergal (Nonfiction, Theology)
  5. Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen (Fiction, Classic)
  6. Tactics: A Game Plan for Discussing Your Christian Convictions by Gregory Koukl (Nonfiction, Apologetics) 

Articles Planned

I hope to work on another guest post, my private journaling, and some fiction sometime in May. I have a few other plans for Defy Augury, though.

  • Wise Minds Think Holily: A Study of G.K. Chesterton and C.S. Lewis  I wrote this research paper around a month ago, and I’m so glad I picked a topic that worked for both schooling and blogging!
  • A Clarification of Christian Intolerance  I think one of the most prevailing attacks on Christianity today comes from those who say believers are “intolerant.” But what exactly does that mean? Is “tolerance” or “intolerance” what we should ultimately live for? In this post I will attempt to answer.
  • My Favorite Online Resources for Apologetics  As much of our lives have been transferred to the Internet, so has a previously unreachable load of information off the Bible. While it’s inestimably important to use discernment in evaluating anything that calls itself “Christian,” a few theological gems nevertheless still shine in cyberspace. Here I will list my top five.
  • Five Favorite Hawthorne Short Stories  Nathaniel Hawthorne is among my favorite authors of the American Romantic era, right alongside Edgar Allan Poe, Herman Melville, and James Fenimore Cooper. Since I’m planning on discussing The Scarlet Letter this month, I just had to recommend some of his other works.
  • An Objection to the Christian Film Industry  I usually don’t enjoy generically-Christian films; here I’ll explain why.
  • Literary Wisdom: The Scarlet Letter  This book, though often disliked, is a landmark in the history of novel-writing. I’m so excited to dive into some of Scarlet Letter‘s gem-like quotes.

Articles Recommended

Below are the top five articles I’ve read this month. I hope you’ll take a look!

  1. “Why the Arts Are a Valid Career Path for Christians” by Grace | As a writer, musician, and professional book nerd, I am thoroughly passionate on this subject and do believe it needs to be spread as much as possible. Grace does an excellent job here of putting the message into words; read it.
  2. “C.S. Lewis on the Danger of Apologetics” by Keith Plummer | I recently downloaded the Stand To Reason app on my iDevice, and this article was so poignant—especially since I am going to publish my research paper on C.S. Lewis and G.K. Chesterton very soon on Defy Augury.
  3. “Did You Forget | NaPoWriMo Week Two” by Katherine Forster | Katherine’s second poem for this year’s NaPoWriMo (National Poetry Writing Month) is so beautiful. I think I should take on this challenge next year!
  4. “A Month Treading in the Footsteps of Job | Janice Wharton” on Delighting in Him | Lately my quiet time has centered around the book of Job; consequently, it has been fast becoming one of my favorite books of the Bible, probably right there alongside Revelation, John, Ecclesiastes, and James. You can imagine, then, that reading another believer’s experience with this particular book simply delighted me.
  5. “6 Ways to Rejoice in Jesus” by Hosanna Emily | Hosanna’s writing is so sweet and applicable. We always need a little Psalm 46:10 in our lives.


I hope your May turns out to be a God-filled, sun-shining, and trial-overcoming time for you. Enjoy the splendor of His majesty. Praying for you!


~Sarah Merly

May 1, 2018

Isaiah 53