March 2018: A Preview

Hello, everyone—

My literary life was awesome this past February. Aside from reading a lovely collection of books (like C.S. Lewis’ Mere Christianity, G.K. Chesterton’s Father Brown: Essential Tales, Nathaniel Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, and Bernard Shaw’s Pygmalion), I submitted a guest post to a large website for Christian teenagers, The Rebelution. I’m not sure whether it will be accepted. Nevertheless, that’s only one of the things I’ll publish here on Defy Augury this month—scroll below to see what else is planned:

  • On the Orange Blossoms Too Soon Pick’d—I first got this poem idea a few months ago, and it deals with an event very close to my heart. I’ll explain when I post:)
  • How I Study My BibleI love discussing theology, but I haven’t really talked about how I study the Word on Defy Augury. I’m hoping this post will change that.
  • Our Modern Currency: ConscienceNathaniel Hawthorne’s rendition of Pilgrim’s Progress (“The Celestial Railroad”) mentions that Vanity Fair’s economy is centered mostly on the use of conscience as currency…I couldn’t help but think that would make an excellent topic for a blog post.
  • Literary Wisdom: Henry VI couldn’t help myself—I just had to talk about this amazing drama sometime, even though I’ve already discussed Shakespeare here (after all, that’s why it’s named Defy Augury:). This man was so devout, so sincere, so unbelievably wonderful that I really couldn’t restrain myself. I promise you’ll love it.

This month’s top five blog posts are mostly reading and writing related, but they were so well done! Here’s each one in the order I read them, followed by a brief description:

  1. “8 Things Every Non-Bookdragon Should TOTALLY Say To Their Bookish Friends” by Anika Walkes—Call this what you will: fun, bold, dramatic…but I call it truth. Writerly truth.
  2. “Dear Blogger|Give Your Blog to God” by Hosanna Emily—Have you ever experienced a moment when you knew your heart was in the wrong place and then God struck you with the exact words needed for strength? This is what happened when I read Hosanna’s post. Her insightful, blogger-to-blogger words simply MUST be shared and praised.
  3. “{How Did You Meet Writing?} The Importance of Your Writing Love Story” by Audrey Caylin—Every writer, at some point in time, needs something to look back on for motivation. A journaling of his or her writing story often fills that role to satisfaction and even delight. (You can view my own writing story here.)
  4. “How To Find a Single Passion To Live By” by Zach Philip—This was one of the deepest and most encouraging posts I’ve seen from Zach. An excellent discussion about John Piper’s classic theological work Don’t Waste Your Life.
  5. Good News Series by Kaylan Mah—This is such a blessing. Every week Kaylan is delving into the Scriptural inspiration behind each song from Rend Collective’s latest album, and her writing is astounding. (I might have to do something like this on Defy Augury sometime…:)


Hope you have an amazing March!


~Sarah Merly

March 2, 2018

Isaiah 53