On the Cold War

Hello, everyone—

To end the month of February (and the theme of poetry introduced in the last post), I’d to share a poem revisiting a concept previously discussed in “Communism vs. Christianity.”  As I wrote in that post, I explained my conviction that this historical conflict is an excellent illustration of the spiritual; as such, this piece attempts to highlight that theme. Enjoy!

(Note: In writing this poem, I consulted this book for specific info on the Cold War.)

“Then, some of you may ask, when and how will the cold war end? I think I can answer that simply. The Communist world has great resources, and it looks strong. But there is a fatal flaw in their society. Theirs is a godless system, a system of slavery; there is no freedom in it, no consent. The Iron Curtain, the secret police, the constant purges, all these are symptoms of a great basic weakness—the rulers’ fear of their own people.

“In the long run the strength of our free society, and our ideals, will prevail over a system that has respect for neither God nor man.” ~Harry S. Truman, Farewell Address

On the Cold War

The river never flows in peace
‘Twixt U.S. countrymen of awe
And grizzly, Marxist Soviet fleece;
For ice is hard to break and thaw.

It started with the second bout
As each side wrathf’lly did oppose
Republic triumph, Marxist rout—
Suspicions rapidly arose.

The bear would never hibernate,
And Uncle Sam wouldn’t waver,
They built much missiles for their state,
Unnerved the guiltless bystander.

In Cuba, some, in Turkey, more,
A wall dividing Berlin fair—
Yet one would say, “It’s not a war,
Since all they did was linger and stare.”

What is a war? is it of arms?
Are battles merely physical?
Cry no, cry no, for these alarms
Were much, much more than practical.

The grizzly bear and Uncle Sam
Will ne’er see eye to eye as friends—
At latter’s root is the “I AM,”
While Soviets say, “Well, that depends.”

The Soviet flag was selfish-raised,
Man lives and dies in law of state,
The will that’s free by our God placed
Is murdered cruelly by Marxist quoit.

But Uncle Sam won not with brand,
He did with loving heart and grace;
They tore the wall, freedom for man—
The ice was broke, in God’s bright face.


~Sarah Merly

February 27, 2018

Isaiah 53