February 2018: A Preview

Hello, everyone—

I’m so excited for what February (aka, the month of presidents, Valentine, the Olympics, and groundhogs) will bring for Defy Augury! Not only am I looking forward to writing another two-part “Literary Wisdom” series and discussing more of what I love most, I am also hoping to publish my very first guest post—if not this month, then certainly the next! Here’s a brief preview of what else is coming up for you this February, though it does not include everything:

  • On Choosing a Church Home This is a topic I’ve been thinking much about recently; writing an essay about it on Defy Augury will definitely help sort out my thoughts—and maybe even your own!
  • The Renewability of Hope Though it will probably be one of my shortest blog posts, “The Renewability of Hope” was a fun snippet to write for the second semester of AP English Language and Composition. It might be an interesting conversation starter:)
  • A Letter to My Future Self (and My Readers) Based on a writing prompt one of my writing teachers suggested. I’m excited to see how this turns out!
  • Literary Wisdom: Mansfield Park A two-part series on my favorite Jane Austen novel (I’ll say why I think it’s better than Pride and Prejudice when the time comes…but for now, read Mansfield!).
  • Favorite Poetry The title is rather straightforward, but I’m so excited to share another “Collection” post with you!
  • On the Cold War A poem I wrote for American Literature, to fit in with the poetry theme of February’s last week.

Also, I have enjoyed the blogs I’m following so much…each writer is wonderful. If you have not subscribed to their sites, I heartily recommend that you do so. And keep your eyes open for other amazing blogs! Here are the top five posts I’ve read in the last month or so (though not in order):

  1. River Running by Katherine Forster— I came across this poem while I was reading some of Katherine’s old posts—and it took my breath away. I love her songwriting!
  2. O Holy Night by Amanda Fischer— This is a Christmas post, but Amanda’s words remain marvelous and convicting.
  3. Reach for Success: Love Others with Your Dreams by Moriah Simonowich—Moriah’s column at Pursue Magazine, “Hope for Weary Hearts,” always gives me peace and rest. This post was the perfect way to close 2017…and it was just what I needed to hear as a writer.
  4. Movie Review: Murder on the Orient Express by Grace— I could never describe the excitement that came when I found out that my favorite Shakespearean actor, Sir Kenneth Branagh, made another film. Though his movies can have their flaws, I am always overjoyed at the passion he has for British literature. Now he’s done an adaptation of Agatha Christie’s most famous mystery novel, Murder on the Orient Express, and this review helped put the film at the top of my TBW (“To Be Watched”) list. I can’t wait for February 27th!
  5. Of Shakespeare, History, and the Feasting of Neighbors by Emily— Before I read this post, I’d watched Kenneth Branagh’s Henry V (amazing film!!) and read the Shakespeare play of the same name, but I had not yet dug into the actual history behind the story. Fortunately, Emily did the research for me…and I was overcome. This man becomes more of a hero to me every day.

Again, I am looking forward very much to this month, and I can’t wait to see how you will enjoy it, too! See you next week:)


~Sarah Merly

February 3, 2018

Isaiah 53