The Best of Eric Metaxas

Hello, everyone—

Last Saturday I had the tremendous honor of meeting Eric Metaxas. A brilliant Greek thinker and writer, Metaxas is among my greatest heroes–both because of his pen and because of his faith.  As Forbes contributor Jerry Bowyer once wrote (in this article):

“If you haven’t heard of Eric Metaxas… just wait. Part Dick Cavett (with whom he is friends), part public intellectual, Metaxas is an evangelical thought leader with a sharp wit and a knack for mass communications. He founded an influential public lecture forum in New York called Socrates in the City. He’s written a shelf full of books, mostly biographies, and now he has been unleashed on the airwaves with a syndicated radio program. The show deals with intellectual and cultural topics. It’s a bit like PBS, but funny… and right… and no one is forcing you to pay for it.”

With that said, please look through the sampling of Mr. Metaxas’ videos, articles, and interviews below. Prepare to be inspired, convicted, and entertained.

I Am Second Salvation Testimony—When God so directly and lovingly stoops down to man’s level and draws him near to His own heart, the result is always beautiful and momentous. In this case, that result is Eric Metaxas’ conversion and ensuing ministry.

Christmas Eve in Space and Communion on the Moon—When I am encouraged by something and later find out that not many people know about it, chances are I will share with as many people as possible…sometimes to their annoyance, I’ll admit. Such is the case with the “Wall Street Journal” article Eric Metaxas wrote last year for Christmas. I promise, once you read “Christmas Eve in Space and Communion on the Moon,” you’ll never again view the moon landing as the mere end of the Space Race.

Paul Revere’s Ride Collection—”On the eighteenth of April, in twenty-seventeen,” Eric Metaxas’ “Paul Revere’s Ride” contestants submitted their recitations of Longfellow’s great poem and awaited the results. Although I did not win, I thoroughly enjoyed memorizing the story of Paul Revere’s midnight ride and cannot wait for you to see the official “montage”!

Interview with Morgan Freeman—I am always searching for ways to better communicate with others, and Eric Metaxas is an expert at the very thing. I love hearing how he points to Christ so clearly while respecting the opposition’s point of view and never shying away from asking deep questions.

Interview with Simon Trinder—This is my favorite episode of “The Eric Metaxas Show”‘s “Miracle Monday” series…and (before you ask), it’s not simply because Simon Trinder is a Royal Shakespeare Company actor.

Interview with Frank Turek—Eric Metaxas’ interview with the co-author of I Don’t Have Enough Faith To Be an Atheist gives believers five questions to help those around them think seriously about the Christian faith without being arrogant or forceful.

National Prayer Breakfast Speech of 2012—I have actually never seen this video in its entirety. However, giving a speech on prayer in front of dear Columbia’s chief executive seems to be quite an accomplishment.

Socrates in the City: If You Can Keep ItHow did George Whitefield unite the colonies before they declared independence? Why should we value the heroes of United States history? How should Christians respond to America? In this lecture, Eric Metaxas answers these questions while explaining his patriotic masterpiece, If You Can Keep It.

Seven Women—With this biographical work, Mr. Metaxas gave me loving feminine footsteps to admire and walk in for the remainder of my life. I had never before thought biographies could ever be so life-changing, but as Eric writes in his introduction to Seven Women (pages xix-xx):

“Perhaps the best thing about biographies is that they enable us to slip the strictures of time and provide a bracing corrective to our tendency to see everything in the dark glass of our own era…The Bible says we are to humble ourselves, and in reading the stories of great men and women from the past, we inevitably do just that. But in humbling ourselves in that way we ironically gain a far greater objectivity and a far better vantage point from which to see things.”

Does Science Argue for or against God?—This is the video version of one of Metaxas’ articles…which also happens to be the “Wall Street Journal”‘s most popular piece. Take a look!

I hope you enjoyed reading through this post and soaking in encouragement, wit, and Christian reason. It’s always fun to hear Mr. Metaxas, out of his Greek intellectual’s blood, speak from and of the blood of Christ!

(Of course, though, his evangelical talk may be to some, as Shakespeare said in Julius Caesar, Greek as well:)


~Sarah Merly

December 9, 2017

Isaiah 53