Sonnets of Suffering

Hello, everyone–

The following pieces are a few sonnets I wrote in March about suffering. Both were for school, but the second one is more official since it more closely fits the standards of an Italian sonnet. Enjoy!

Woe and Rest

I have a burden of the night and cry
For freedom, rest, lack of tears and death’s
Relief—no cure has ever left its breath
Upon despairing emptiness. My sty
Of pricks and lows, of ling’ring pains a-galled,
Frustration, sorrow, screams and stubborn fear
So deeply intertwines with yesteryear—
These things that no one understands at all.
This night of pain, this dirge of broken souls,
All I see—opens me with mighty crush
And somehow breaks a gloomy rush of tears
And bitter strife.—With nowhere to go and weep,
I see the great Almighty God…the jeers
Of night do not sting Him…and so I sleep.

On Suffering in God’s Vast Grace

I have a burden of the night and cry
For freedom, rest, the lack of tears and pain’s
Relief—if cure does come, it surely wanes
And bitterly ignores my strife. Awry
My thought and feeling go; my inward sty
Unworthily stands next to grace. The rains
Of Lear descend with tears—each gains
Insanity—the blurs in my heart’s eye.
Yet that blessed God of grace and love and good
Does stay and comfort heartache, breathing,
“No sparrow falls without My knowing. Bring
Your woes upon My shoulders.” My scales do fall—
Testimonies of royal brotherhood,
The Scriptures of peace…and Christ over all.


~Sarah Merly

September 25, 2017

Isaiah 53