Thoughts on Conversing with the Unsaved: A Poem

To properly begin this collection of my writing, I have decided to post something I wrote over a year ago in one of my journals. I still distinctly remember the day; it was raining, and my mother was driving me to an appointment. Originally I intended to write about my fears or how creation reflects God’s glory, but then my pen started taking me to places I hadn’t dreamed of; I shortly found myself writing a few verses about what I would say to a man or woman in need of Jesus Christ as Savior from sin. I spent about twenty minutes on it…and thus, what you see here is unedited me. Note the change of reference with the first two uses of the word “you.” The first usage of the word refers to God; while for the rest of the poem, “you” refers to the unbeliever.

In posting this I’d like to be transparent with you–to show you my heart. That is what the very best human mode of expression is all about, and hopefully this poem will point you to the Creator as well.

Enjoy–and please consider: I am not the greatest of poets:)


August 31, 2016


To think that I,

Cold and wry,

Should ever run to You

Can be illogical,


Impossible for you.


You may believe in tolerance

Or a worthlessness to fate

But amidst all the science,

The knowledge and the pride-

A Whisper holy in your heart utters,

“It is never too late.”


As your convicted spirit groans

Under the weight of regret

The Lord shows me that-

‘Though it feels unfathomable-

Somehow I can feel your pain and suffering

Or better yet-


A dismal, questioning spirit-

A child who is lost,

A person who thirsts for righteousness

And with a desire to know God-


I shall-

Nay, out of my love, I must-

Treat you equal and with due respect

And also, though it seems queer,

Love you.


For I’ve shared in the pain,

In both sorrow and joy

And we’ve both had wild rides.

As God made us the same,

And I am His child

Even so-

He loves you the same




We’re so alike, you and I.